Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our cat died today... and I'm so thankful!

     So thankful for my three beautiful and healthy children.  So thankful that we were dealing with a dead animal and not something so much worse.  I've had a lot of sadness on my heart this week first from learning about Cory Monteith's death, then reading about the little girl who died after being left in the back of her mom's car in Homewood (where  my sister Katie lives), the girls on the Asiana flight, the firefighters in AZ, I could keep going..... and now this.  So very thankful that this is the only "tragedy" that we are having to deal with.  Being a parent really puts things into perspective.  Five years ago I would've been completely devastated to lose a pet like this, but now I'm just sorta shrugging and thinking, "it was just a cat."
     But I will miss that cat.  I'll miss seeing her snuggle and rub against Blue Bell.  I'll miss how whenever I'd walk over to the church Blue Bell would sit at the edge of her boundary and wait on me, but Edy would follow me, wait at the church door until I returned, then follow me home. I'll miss watching her hunt frogs in the little drain next to our house and the little critters left on our front step. I'll miss her always sneaking inside the house and Drew yelling "the cat's inside again!  Where's my shotgun?" Or, "Get me a hatchet!"  The kids will miss her, too.  Evangeline's first word was "Edy."  This will likely be the only cat we'll ever have as a family (if Drew can help it!).  After trying to get pregnant for a year, I finally begged Drew to let me get a kitten, saying, "If I can't have a baby, at least let me have a kitty!"  We got Edy on a Friday and found out I was pregnant with Evangeline the following Wednesday.  Drew stubbornly teases that I tricked him and knew I was pregnant the whole time. The most remarkable thing about her was how well she got along with Blue Bell.  Blue Bell would hold her down and lick that kitten from head to toe and Edy just loved it. Katie was the one who suggested the name Edy because it went so well with Blue Bell (both ice cream brands for those slow on the uptake), so I decided that Edy's middle name would be named after Katie, Katharine. Edy's second favorite other than Blue Bell was me because I was the one who always fed her.  I'm glad that this morning when I let her out of the laundry room I picked her up and petted her sweetly before letting her out the door.
      I am really sorry that this happened to you, Edy. It scares me realizing how quickly something like this can happen and a life can be taken away.  But it also made me thankful for all of my blessings.

                                                 Rest in Peace, Edy Katharine Dabbs.

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